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Our Track and Facilities

This section will give all the information needed if you are planning to visit our railway or if you are just generally interested.

The Society operates two tracks and a garden railway:

The first is a continuous elevated track, some 660 feet long, which has a minimum radius of 50 feet, and is suitable for 2.5”, 3.5" and 5" gauge model locomotives. The Society has a number of driving & passenger trolleys, of various sizes, available for drivers to use. The track has a minimum ground clearance of 11.5" from railhead to ground for those who wish to use their own driving trolley.

Locomotive preparation bays are available with a 6/12V electrical supply & compressed air at 20 lbs/in2 for blowers. The bays can also be used to prepare battery-powered locomotives. Locomotives are moved from the bays by traverser to a siding which connects to the running track by sector plate.

The second is a continuous ground level track some 2,600 feet long, of 5” and 7¼” gauges with a minimum radius of 60 feet.  The Society has a number of passenger carrying trucks available for use.

To assist in unloading locomotives from road vehicles a hydraulically operated ramp is available to move locomotives from the vehicle onto a turntable, which connects to nine, waist high, preparation tracks with 6/12V electrical supply and compressed air at 20 lbs/in2 for blowers.

Due to the new cover over the steaming bays there is now a high limit imposed for anyone wanting to use the locomotive preperation bays. 

Maximum Height: 4ft 8.5 ins from rail level.

Members who operate miniature road vehicles, such as traction engines, can make use of the tarmac roads of Abbey Park & Abbey Grounds but are restricted from crossing the river via the bridge.

We also have a garden railway which has two gauge 1 circuits and two O gauge which was constructed between 2015-2016. There are also possible plans for this to be expanded.

The site is available for members to use for private running sessions at any time, & they also operate their locomotives on Sunday afternoons, to provide rides for the general public. Please be aware that all passenger hauling trains must be fitted with vacuum braking for our coaching stock, If you do NOT have vacuum braking fitted to your locomotive you will NOT be allowed to pull passengers. 

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